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Fill out the form below to begin pre-qualifying for your medical marijuana card.

A representative from Massachusetts Marijuana Doctors will contact you shortly to obtain your medical records, pre-qualify your condition, and setup an appointment for you to see the doctor.

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 Crohn's Disease





 Hepatitis C

 Agitation of Alzheimer's Disease

 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

 Multiple Sclerosis

 Other Conditions determined in writing by a qualified physician:

 Chronic Pain of at least 6 months duration

 Chronic muscle spasm

 Cachexia (wasting syndrome)

 Agitation of Alzheimer’s disease


 Painful peripheral neuropathy

 Terminal illness (hospice care)


 Degenerative Arthritis

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Medical Marijuana Doctors

Do You Qualify?

1. The first step to obtain your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card is to Click this link and fill out the form.

2. Once we receive it will contact you at the phone number you provide.

3. We will explain the process and answer all your questions.

4. Your current medical records will be required. If you don’t have them, we will request them from your doctor for you.

5. Our doctors will review your records and will then contact you to set up your evaluation appointment.

Call us today at 617-997-0300 or email