Massachusetts Medical Marijuana

Massachusetts-Cannabis-DoctorBoard Certified Massachusetts Doctors and our educated medical staff is available to take your calls 5 days a week.

They will answer all your questions about how to get your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card. Contact us today to set up your Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card Evaluation.

Our offices will be located in Boston and Cambridge, Mass.

Massachusetts-Marijuana-DoctorsMarijuana is Medicine

Marijuana is now legal in Massachusetts. There will be up to 35 Dispensaries in Massachusetts according to the new Marijuana Laws.

The only way to legally possess medical marijuana is to get certified. Find out if you qualify, then contact us for an evaluation appointment.

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Marijuana-in-Boston-MassachusettsMedical Marijuana Laws may be confusing. The MA Marijuana Doctors are happy to answer all your questions. We will guide you through the process to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card. Our friendly medical staff is available now to take your calls.
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Massachusetts Marijuana Doctors Clinics helps patients to obtain their Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Card. Our board licensed doctors and friendly professional staff truly believe in the power of Marijuana as Medicine. We now take this new opportunity to help sick patients gain access to natural medicine very seriously.

We are a professional Marijuana Clinic and we will always respect your rights and privacy while maintaining the highest ethical standards in serving our patients.

Get Started Today in 4 Simple Steps

  • The first step in the application process is to verify that your condition is a qualified condition for legal medical marijuana in Massachusetts. For a complete list of medical conditions see the qualified conditions page.
  • Upon your request for medical marijuana evaluation we will request your medical records. We have simplified the process for you with our online application, so you receive the quickest response available.
  • After your medical records have been reviewed our licensed doctor will contact you to schedule an evaluation. Upon approval qualified patients will receive a physician certification form for application to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.
  • Once you receive your physician certification for medical marijuana we will assist you in applying for your medical marijuana identification card with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Imagine not feeling the aches and pains of getting out of bed every morning because of your condition? Call us today! 617-997-0300